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Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured

Wrecks: Injured in Motorized Wheelchair, Power Chair or Electric-powered Wheelchair

Injured in a Motorized Wheelchair

We have represented individuals who have been hit by cars or trucks and  injured in Motorized Wheelchair, also known as Power Chair or Electric-powered wheelchair. It is rare to find a situation that someone is hit by a vehicle while in a wheel chair and  it is not the driver of the car or truck’s fault.

Those individuals in electric wheelchairs are typically those individuals who cannot propel a manual wheelchair on their own or may need to use a wheelchair over distances or over terrain that would be difficult for the individual with mobility impairments or cardiovascular conditions. Power chairs were developed after World War II in order to assist veterans who had new injuries from the war.

Any wreck is dangerous, but a wreck between a Motorized wheelchair and a car often lead to serious injuries. Physics tells us that force of an impact can be calculated like this

 force = mass x velocity

That means that not only does the speed of the vehicle come into play in a wreck but how much the vehicle weighs compared to the object it hits is important.

If you or a loved one have been injured  in a motorized wheelchair, power chair or other mobility products it is highly likely that there were serious injuries in the wreck and you may need representation by an experienced personal injury attorney.


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