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Changed Medical Records in Mississippi

We hear complaints from potential clients in Medical Malpractice lawsuits that they believe that their healthcare provider has Changed Medical Records in Mississippi. This is a serious allegation but there are certain safeguards in place in Mississippi to ensure that medical records are not altered in the hospital setting.

Under new federal regulations, hospitals have started upgrading their record keeping systems to digital medical records. A part of any digital medical record is called an audit trail. A digital audit trail can ensure that medical records are not changed by providing a record of when a medical record was viewed, edited and how it was edited. This information is available in certain instances, but will require an attorney to make a specific request for this information.

In the law it is often the case that in order to use evidence that a showing that the evidence has been preserved, and not been changed is required. This should be the case with medical records to ensure that changed medical records are not introduced into evidence and relied upon as  a true accounting of what was recorded at the time. These assurances are important when there is an allegation that a mistake was made by a doctor or nurse in the hospital. Any change in the audit trail of medical records should be considered suspect and individuals with a technical background can request this type of record and interpret those documents that are produced.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of a mistake by a doctor or nurse, our attorneys are ready to discuss your case and what options you may have.




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