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Mississippi Wrongful Death Types of Mississippi Personal Injury

Parking Lot Security – Robberies, Attacks, Hold-ups

  There have been many situations in Mississippi where business owners have failed to provide safe areas on or around their property. Business owners owe a duty to the public to maintain a safe, well lit, areas in and around their places of business so customers, shoppers and employees can come and go in safety. When an assault, battery or robbery occurs on a business’ property often victims look to the business that has not provided parking lot security to customers and employees.

  These situations normally arise against apartment complexes, hotels, retail stores, groceries and the owners of these businesses after an attack, robbery or hold-up.

  In order to bring a premises lawsuit or other premises liability cases such as trip and fall or slip and fall cases there must be some reason that the company knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. When a landowner knew or should have known about criminal danger in the community then the landowner owes a duty to customers, and shoppers to prevent injuries if they may be in danger. Sometimes this duty requires, on duty parking lot security personnel, alarm or video surveillance and extra lighting on the premises.

  If an individual is injured when the property owner knew or should have known about these dangers then there may be a basis for a lawsuit against the business.



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