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Company Car Policy Mississippi – Insurance Attorneys

Insurance policies on company cars in Mississippi are a hot topic that many people ask questions about.  There are several topics that fall under “company car policy Mississippi” and we will take the time here to discuss each of them including:

  1. Mississippi Company Car Uninsured Motorist Insurance Policy
  2. Mississippi Company Car Liability Policy
  3.  Company Car Policies Mississippi Set by Companies
company car insurance
Company cars often fit the job to be done.

1. Company Cars policies in Mississippi  often include Uninsured Motorist Insurance coverage as part of the policy. Uninsured Motorist coverage would cover in instances where the other driver has no insurance available to pay for damages caused by the other driver. In some situations emergency vehicles and police vehicles do not carry coverage, or their insurance coverage will not pay as a result of Mississippi law that the State driver has to exhibit reckless disregard rather than be negligent when causing injuries. Uninsured motorist coverage held on a company car may apply in this situation.

Another type of Mississippi Uninsured motorist coverage is Underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage would apply when the driver of the other vehicle has coverage, but it is not enough to pay for the damage done in the wreck, the medical bills of the injured persons, lost work of the injured person, future lost work and future medical bills, all of which are to be recovered when caused by a wreck. This coverage is worth its weight in gold when it is available in a serious wreck and it is coverage that you take out for your own protection, as a business or as an individual.’

2.  Most vehicles which are company cars in Mississippi have a liability policy. This is because Mississippi has a state minimum liability insurance requirements. Mississippi requires all drivers to have a valid and current proof on insurance card in the vehicle. Mississippi Liability Policies for liability policies are required to be at a minimum $25,000 per person and $50,000 per wreck. If a driver in Mississippi is pulled over and cannot provide a proof of insurance in the state minimum amounts then the officer that pulled the individual over can issue a ticket of up to $1,000.00 for lack of proof of liability insurance alone. If the ticket is issued then there may  be an opportunity for the individual to appear in municipal court on the appointed day and present the Court with proof of insurance and pay a reduced fine.

3. There are of course other company car policies in Mississippi that are set by the companies themselves involving who should be allowed to drive a vehicle owned by the company, who is allowed to ride as a passenger, whether the vehicle is allowed to be used for personal errands. These policies are often put in place to help companies avoid liability in the use of their vehicles by employees. The company car policies and rules will be different from company to company in Mississippi with some being more restrictive and others being less restrictive.

If you or a family member have been injured or killed in a Mississippi car wreck, motorcycle wreck bicycle crash, pedestrian accident or 18 wheeler wreck our attorneys are standing by, or available 24/7 by phone chat or email to answer your questions.



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