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Questions for a Concussion, Stroke and Brain Injury Attorney (Part 2)


What is a stroke?

A stroke can occur when any area of the brain is deprived of oxygen.

What physically occurs during a stroke?

A bleed or blockage in the blood vessels leading to the brain can cause this lack of oxygen. Strokes can also be caused by hemorrhages in the brain.

What are the symptoms of it?

  • weakness or numbness in the arm, the face, or the leg on one side of the body;
  • Loss or dimming of vision in one or both eyes;
  • Loss of the ability to speak, difficulty understanding what others are attempting to communicate;
  • Sudden throbbing headache;
  • instability while walking with some other symptom.

Are there effective early treatments for stroke?

Early stroke treatment is imperative to increase the chances for a good outcome. Minutes matter when it comes to a stroke and it is very important to get medical treatment as quickly as possible.

tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) is a clot-busting stroke drug that when administered quickly after the onset of stroke symptoms will sometimes allow blood flow to return to the stroke effected areas, minimizing the tissue damage.

What are some of the legal issues involving strokes?

When an individual receives damage of any sort to brain tissue, there is a chance that there will be diminished capacity and a need for the individual to have additional services or help in order to lead a normal life.

Mississippi Law of Conservatorships

What is a conservatorship?

In Mississippi, an individual can be appointed by the court to oversee the affairs of daily life for an individual. This individual is called a conservator and is similar to a  guardian or power of attorney.

When may it be needed?

A conservatorship can be initiated when two doctors agree that an individual is incapable of attending to the affairs of their day to day life.

How is a conservatorship different from a power of attorney?

A conservatorship overrides a power of attorney and the court appointed conservator will be placed over all the affairs of the individual.

What about wills, living wills and power of attorneys, when would each of these documents be the most useful.

Wills and living wills help express the wishes of an individual when the individual is no longer able to make these decisions. A will would express those wishes after life ends, and a living will expresses end of life decisions concerning topics such as life support, comfort and resuscitation.