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Mississippi Dog Bite

Dog Bite Attorney

Dog Bites

Being attacked by an animal effects the victim at a deep level and often leads to injury, scarring, and a lifelong aversion to animals. There are many instances of severe injuries to children perpetrated by a dog bite that was known to be dangerous. In Mississippi the owner of the animal must have some reason to know of the animal’s dangerous propensity, or the animal is of a sort that is known to be wild or dangerous. Where the bite or attack occurs so long as the animal has never done it before or the animal is not inherently dangerous.

Mississippi Dog Bite
Bites and Attacks from Dogs Can Do Serious Damage to the Body.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Have your animal fixed at a young age;
  • Do not play rough with your dog;
  • Train your dog so that it becomes accustomed to obeying vocal commands;
  • Do not alllow your pet to roam freely in your neighborhood or front yard.

Other tips to not be attacked by an unknown animal include:

  • Avoid unknown animals;
  • Do not approach a sleeping or eating dog;
  • Allow an animal to smell you before attempting to pet it;
  • If you are knocked down by a dog, roll into a ball to protect yourself.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a dangerous animal you may want to learn your rights from a dog bite attorney. Our office offers free consultations and may be able to help.


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