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Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured

Mass Tort Drug Litigation

Drug companies produce and  market new prescription medications each year. Each of the products has to be tested and should be tested enough to ensure that these drugs do not injure the consumer and that each drug bears proper warning. Even with these safeguards by the Food and Drug Administration over 200,000 people die each years while using prescription medications as recommended. New prescription medications come out each year, and the effects of each of these drugs are fully seen by the public over time after the potential damage is done.

In recent history several drugs have been withdrawn from the market within 12 months of release. For drug companies these drugs are highly profitable and some of these drugs stay on the market even after negative effects of the medication are known. Strict liability applies to drug companies when their product:

  • Defective prescription due to a mistake in the manufacturing;
  • Lack of warning of side effects;
  •  a design flaw that makes the product unsafe.

In the above situation the manufacturer is at fault and can be sued for any damages caused by the prescriptions even if there is no indication they were aware of the danger.

Prescription drugs are a battleground in litigation.

Many medications have have caused injuries which led to drug litigation, class action lawsuits or multi district litigation. Some of the recent drugs be researched in this manner include: Accutane, Risperdal, Zofran.

If you experienced a negative result from medication, or recieved an improper dosage of your medication call us and we will be happy to speak with you for free.


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