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Mississippi Free Consultation Attorney

If you have a legal issue anywhere in Mississippi a free consultation with an attorney can help you to understand your options, learn your rights, and see what can be done to protect them. Our offices offer free consultations with a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney.

Here are the top three reasons you should contact an attorney today.

1. Personal Injury Insurance Claims

Claims on an insurance policy often take a long time. When a person is injured or has their life negatively effected by loss or damage to property this delay often benefits the insurance company. (Whether it is intentional or not). This is because often injured people find themselves not being able to pay medical bills or car repair bills and are forced to settle their claim for pennies on the dollar of what their claim is worth, and this without speaking to a free consultation attorney.

Insurance companies like this result, they get to collect insurance premium payments and then only pay pennies on the dollar to resolve the potential claims. Whether you realize it or not the insurance claims process is stacked against you and insurance companies have no desire to see you in a position of power.

2. The Value of Your Claim Through the Eyes of an Attorney Who Offers a Free Consultation

When you or a loved one are injured it is vitally important to learn as much as you can about your injuries, about how insurance adjusters value claims, what offers from these insurance companies often look like. When you know these things a Personal Injury Attorney will be able to assess your claim and determine what the potential value of your claim may be. Equipped with this knowledge you can get what you are entitled to in an insurance claim.

Our experienced attorneys can help you sort through the types of ways an injury may effect your life ongoing, and help you to see why addressing your concerns about your injuries early by having a free consultation is an absolute must. There are no tricks to the free consultation, we make our time available to you to talk about topics to benefit you.

3. Statute of Limitations (Time Limitations)

The law requires that claims or lawsuits be filed or defenses be made within a certain short time frames. The laws that control these time limits are called the statute of limitations. In Mississippi these time limits can be as short as a year. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing an individual who is truly hurt that has no claim as a result of this time limit passing. That is why talking to an attorney as quickly as possible is important, there are sometimes rare exceptions to the statute of limitations that a free consultation attorney can help talk you through.

Land mines

The problem with these claims is that there are 100s of ways that a claim can go wrong. Without an attorney many claims misstep and there is no way to recover. Even something as innocuous as going to the wrong doctor, or saying the other vehicle came out of nowhere could be a major problem in your claim.

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Mississippi Free Consultation
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