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Wrong pills

Wrong Prescription Medication

When someone is given a wrong prescription medication serious injury or death can occur. Substances controlled by prescription are controlled for a reason, receiving the wrong dosage or wrong medication can have terrible consequences.

For example, doubling a dosage of an anti-seizure medication or medications for bi-polar disorder can cause neurological distress, and other very serious results. If you are concerned that the pills you have been given are not the correct medication save the bottle with the rest of the pills given to you and contact your physician or another pharmacist.

Wrong pills
Pharmacists filling the wrong medication can have dire consequences.

Double checking what was prescribed by your physician and what is listed on the label of the bottle you were given could quickly show if a mistake has been made. Some mistakes are more difficult to detect, but should be clear to a different pharmacist from the one who prescribed your original medication.

The amount and frequency of the medications being taken can also cause negative results if improper dosages are given or wrong instructions are provided on the bottle for the use of the medication.

Given the danger of certain controlled medications, the results and damages from a misfilled, mislabled or otherwise mistaken prescription medication can be great. Worsening mental condition, comas, mental instability, and other consequences can easily occur depending on the medication given and the amount of the mistake. These results can be temporary or permanent changes lasting a lifetime.

Properly documenting what was given in error, and getting medical treatment for all of the conditions that occur after a mis-filled prescription will be a very important part in the process of making a claim against the pharmacist or pharmaceutical company responsible for your injuries. The quicker the process begins and these parts of the claim are documented, the more likely it is that a settlement or recovery will be able to be made in your case. That is why it’s important to contact attorney that practices in this area of the law as soon as possible after you become aware that you have been given the wrong medication.

If you or a loved one has had negative consequences due to being given the wrong prescription, contact us, for a free consultation.


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