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Workers Compensation

Injured at Work

  What to do When Injured at Work.

Injuries that happen at work are a separate category of injury claims. Worker’s compensation law protects workers who have been injured at work. These injuries or illnesses can include, cuts, broken bones, illnesses or other health issues. If you are on the job at the time of their injury, then worker’s compensation claims exists. If you are injured it is in your best interest to do the following:

Notify your employer of your injury immediately.

If you are injured at work in Mississippi, you should report the injury as soon as possible. Failure to report the injury to your employer can halt a worker’s compensation claim before it even begins. Your employer should create an incident report and provide the Mississippi Worker’s Compensation Commission with a notice of injury. This is the first step in making a valid claim for worker’s compensation benefits.

Consider a free consultation regarding your claim.

No obligation, free consultations provide you with a window in to what to expect in your claim and allow whatever attorney you may use to get involved in your case early. Our attorneys are available to you in several ways for a free consultation.  Contact us, for a free consultation or dial 601-272-2406 to be connected to a Mississippi Workers Compensation attorney immediately.

Workers Compensation

Get to the bottom of your injuries.

Many individuals are so in need of their paycheck that they make a decision to to get back to work rather than getting the diagnostic testing or assessment from a specialist. You must follow up and get answers about your injury and what to expect moving forward. Reopening a file or getting more treatment after you have been released to return to work is more difficult and could mean that some of your claims for medical treatment are not covered.

Whatever the situation a part of any settlement on a claim is getting peace of mind that your injuries are not of a lifelong for traumatic nature. Treatment with a specialist and Diagnostic Imaging can be a very important step to getting to this piece of mind. Often workers compensation provides for Diagnostic Imaging (MRI, CT scan) as well as treatment with a specialist of your choice to make this determination. It would be a terrible thing to have a claim but to not receive the full benefit of your claim because no one took a closer look at your injuries.

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