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Uber Wreck Attorney

Mississippi Uber Wreck Attorney

Uber has become a ubiquitous cab service throughout the country. It is difficult to travel to any major city without seeing a vehicle with the Uber U in the corner of the front windshield at the airport. With the rise in the use of Uber more individuals have been injured while using uber’s services. Individuals who have been injured in this sort of wreck can become more informed of their rights by contacting a Mississippi Uber Wreck Attorney immediately for a free consultation.

Uber Wreck Attorney

Jones Law P.A. Mississippi Uber Wreck Attorney

Below we will attempt to outline the claim of each individual who may be injured by an Uber driver in a wreck. Each of these individuals may have medical bills, lost work, permanent traumatic brain injury, wrongful death, or property damage which can be claimed against Uber:

Uber Driver hit another vehicle

If you and your vehicle have been hurt or damaged by an uber driver. You may have a claim for personal injury as well as property damage against the driver of the Uber or against Uber itself. When vehicles collide with other vehicles the damage done is typically severe, and this claim would be similar to any claim or advice in our car wreck section of our website.

Uber Passengers injured in a wreck

In Mississippi comparative negligence can be assessed in most personal injury matters. As a passenger in another person’s vehicle there is very seldom a situation where you will be responsible for the wreck occurring. You depend on the driver of an Uber to be professional and not take any unnecessary risks. You have put your safety into the hands of another and when a wreck occurs due to no fault of your own, you will be entitled to 100% of the damages caused by the wreck.

Walker, Jogger, Bicyclist Injured by Vehicle

Vehicles should never collide with a jogger, bicyclist or walker. When these injuries occur the injury to the person who is outside of the vehicle can be severe. If you have been injured in this way, scans, radiology and other medical testing may be necessary to ensure that you have not been damaged internally.

The damages in any car wreck case include medical bills, lost work, pain and suffering, and any other incidental costs associated with your injuries. A Jackson Mississippi car wreck attorney will be able to gather the information necessary to make a claim and put it in the format of the demand, and then lawsuit against the person responsible or their employer.


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