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Damages Mississippi Car Wreck What to Do When Injured
too little to eat; meager; paltry

Low Insurance Settlement Offer

So You Have a Low Insurance Settlement Offer

Insurance companies settle hundreds of car wreck injury claims within the first weeks after the injury. Low insurance settlement offers are made as a matter of course by insurance adjusters for one simple reason. People often take them.  Insurance adjusters are trained to make these offers because often uninformed claimants are not aware of what their claim actually covers, their injuries and medical bills over the rest of their lives or are desperate for any amount of settlement money.

Speaking with a personal injury or car wreck attorney will make sure you have the information you need to not get taken advantage of in this situation. Consultations are free and no obligation so there is no reason to accept an insurance settlement offer before talking to an attorney.

If the low insurance settlement offer is declined, the waiting game will begin. The insurance company is happy to wait as injured individuals are off of work, have mounting medical bills, and are not even able to keep up with their normal level of activity around the house. The lure of an immediate settlement is the reason why we see low insurance settlement offers. During this period of time a car wreck attorney will begin the process of putting together a demand package including medical bills, lost work, and pain and suffering. Getting started in this process early is an important part of a successful and fast moving claim.

What Can You Do?

The only way to exert real pressure on an insurance company to pay what is owed in a claim is to move towards a day in court to determine the damages done to you in your wreck. A personal injury attorney will gather your medical bills and records, calculate your lost income, calculate your loss of activity around the house (household services) and demand a number that the jury could award in your case. This is the way to determine the value of a car wreck case.

While there are still hurdles to overcome in your claim an insurance company will often continue to make offers that are lower than the actual value of the claim. Knowing the value of your claim after speaking with a personal injury or car wreck attorney will help in this process.

Our personal injury attorneys are available 24/7 to speak with you regarding your insurance claim, the amount offered by an insurance company and if the actual value of your claim is more than what has been offered.

too little to eat; meager; paltry


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