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Why It Is Essential To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident brings a lot of questions on the table. Who is the culprit? Who will pay the medical bills? Who will pay for your car damage? What is the approximate claim you are eligible for? These questions require immediate answers because you shouldn’t wait for months to file the case against the offender. The more you wait, the fewer chances you have to get a significant claim. So, instead of waiting for the right time, you should strike first blood on your opponent. And, The Jones Law Group will help you with your much-deserved claims.

What keeps us ahead of others?

Hiring a car accident lawyer gives you peace of mind that a professional is looking after your case. At Injured In Mississippi, we have experienced attorneys who have helped hundreds of clients in Jackson, MS after car accidents. We understand how challenging it is to deal with a mountain of expenses after a car accident. You have to pay for hefty medical bills, and you won’t even want to get started on your precious car. It may end up costing thousands of bucks, something that you were not prepared for.

At The Jones Law Group, we handle such cases efficiently. It is our duty to provide you with the best possible settlement offer so that you can meet the medical and car expenses. Our attorneys are dedicated to serving the clients until the moment they receive that hefty cheque. It is a challenge for everyone to proceed with personal injury cases on their own, especially if you don’t know the rules and regulations in Jackson, MS. So, instead of throwing an arrow in the dark, you should hire us to take care of the legal proceedings.

What we do

We follow a systematic process to make sure you get a significant amount of reimbursement from the offender. Car accidents are never a pretty sight, especially when someone gets injured and the car becomes a piece of trash. We have seen several incidents like that over the years, and the helplessness of the victims pains us every time. That is why we fight till the last moment to make sure you get the maximum amount of claim.

• Interviewing the client

We need specific details of the accident. And by specific details, we mean the exact location, time, and anything that you can add that will help us win the case. We have special ways to speak to the victim if he/she is injured severely. The Jones Law Group also has a team of photographers who will visit the location of the accident and take pictures so that we can prepare the case accordingly.

• Explaining the claim process

Filing for a car accident claim in Jackson, MS requires the completion of several legal procedures and paperwork. It is not like you ask for a hundred dollars, and the offender pays you the money right away. Many clients get impatient about when they will get the money, and we understand their situation. But, we have to follow the rules too. So, it is essential to explain how the claims process works in Jackson. This will help you understand the approximate time within which you can expect the cheque from the offender.

• Gathering evidence

This is one of the most crucial parts of setting up the case. We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to gathering evidence of the accident. Whether it is checking the video footage from the traffic signal or inspecting the damaged car, we will try to collect every shred of evidence to help you win the case.

Our attorneys go through each and every photograph in detail, talk to the eyewitnesses, and follow the accident trail that leads to a favorable verdict. We believe that the more we research about the accident, the better chances we have to win the case. And, if we win the case, you stand a chance to get a hefty compensation from the offender.

As you can see, fighting a car accident case is not an easy task. A lot of planning and research goes to winning such cases. But, we assure you that our team will help you earn a compensation of more than what you expect.


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