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Mississippi Car Wreck

What A Lawyer Can Do After A Car Wreck

After suffering a car wreck, you can be left with car repair expenses and outrageous medical bills. You may need to take time off of work for doctor visits and physical therapy or may even be left with a permanent disability. Your dedicated team of attorneys can help you avoid liability and determine if you’re eligible to get compensation. 

While you aren’t legally required to hire a lawyer following a collision, you may need someone to handle all of the legal pitfalls that may arise. If the other driver was at fault, hiring a personal injury lawyer may be in your best interests. Hiring a car accident lawyer, even if the wreck wasn’t your fault, will keep you out of legal trouble and boost your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. 

We Gather Evidence from the Car Wreck 

Then we can investigate the car wreck case on your behalf and gather evidence, such as:

•      Photos and videos of the wreck

•      Surveillance footage

•      Home security camera footage

•      Surveillance footage

•      Home security camera footage

•      Police reports

•      Medical records

•      Witness statements

•      Statements from the at-fault party

We will Use the Evidence to Prove the Other Driver’s Liability in the Car Wreck

Cropped image of lawyer showing evidence he found in papers to coworker

We will prove the other driver is at fault. This includes showing:

•      The driver should have acted in a way that kept you safe.

•      The driver did something negligent that put you in harm’s way.

•     The driver’s negligence caused your car wreck.

•      You suffered injuries and financial and emotional losses from the wreck.

Your Lawyer will Boost Your chances of getting the Compensation you Deserve 

cropped view of businessman shaking hands with woman at workplace, compensation concept

Even if the wreck wasn’t your fault, hiring a car accident lawyer will keep you out of legal trouble as well as determine how much compensation you deserve. You may be eligible to collect: 

•    Punitive damages

•    Pain and suffering

•     Lost wages

•      Reduced earning capacity

•      Coverage for hospital or medical bills 

•      Compensation for repairs. 

Call Us First 

The insurance Company’s primary focus will be to pay out as little as possible. They may deny your claim or use your words against you in order to say you were at fault and don’t deserve the full amount you are seeking. It is vital to contact a lawyer before filing a claim with your insurance agency in order to protect yourself from any additional losses that may result from an insurance company. Give us a call at (601) 272-2406 today to schedule a consultation or see what other injuries I can help you with.



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