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MPB Radio Series

Will filing a claim increase my insurance rate?

Baskin Jones recently appeared on the MPB Radio Series – In Legal Terms. Jones has been on the show numerous times to talk about the Jones Law Firm and everything we offer for those who have been injured in Mississippi.  

In part two of our series, Jones answers the question we have all wondered: will filing a claim increase our insurance rates? The short answer: it already did! Insurance companies pay attention to any claim filed by any person and use these incidents as a reason to increase your current rate. Regardless of your record, your driving skills, or even your total number of accidents, insurance companies can use virtually any reason to increase your rate.   

Additionally, your rate goes up a small amount each year, regardless of if you have any claims associated with you or not. We recommend requoting your insurance every few years and have made forms to help you through this process as well.

Whether the incident was your fault or not, hiring an attorney is a smart move to ensure you are protected from false claims, get effective representation through the process, and that you get fully compensated for what you went through. 

For more information, watch the interview clip below: 

Have you been injured or know someone who has? Our lawyers at The Jones Law Firm work tirelessly to ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve and are legally entitled to receive under Mississippi state laws.

We strive to put our clients first and to go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Jones Law Firm is here to help and we look forward to scheduling your complimentary initial case review. We are confident you will be highly impressed with the great reputation we have built within the greater Jackson, Mississippi area.


Baskin Jones

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