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Mississippi Car Wreck MPB Radio Series What to Do When Injured

Insurance won’t cover my wreck. How do I prove I’m covered?

Insurance claims can be difficult to navigate, and the most important information of any potential claim is how much insurance coverage is there to cover the injuries and medical bills. Our firm often finds additional insurance coverage even when another attorney, or the insurance company, tells you there is not coverage to pay for your losses.

This information gathering is crucial to making your case, and a free consultation with our attorneys will help identify if there is additional coverage that has not been thought of before. Insurance companies are happy for coverage to go unused. Even if premiums have been paid (often for decades) there is no incentive on their part to fully utilize it, and the less claims you make, the more profitable the Insurance Company is. The coverage you bought and paid has benefit you might not know about, and it could help put things back the way they were before. 

Finding these coverages can be tricky, not to mention some potential exclusions to coverage. It is often in your best interest to call an attorney who deals in these matters for a free consultation.

Even if the other driver does not have insurance, that doesn’t always mean you are stuck with the bill. The Mississippi Uninsured Motorist Statute provides several protections for this situation. For instance, if you live with a blood relative who has Uninsured Motorist coverage, there is an argument that you are covered. It is important to leave no stone unturned for coverage that could help in this time of trouble.

How would you know these policies are out there? That’s why you make a free consultation with an attorney. We will listen to your situation, investigate and can provide peace of mind on what insurance coverage may provide.

For example of this situation, check out Celia’s question for Baskin on MPB’s In Legal Terms:

Have you been injured or know someone who has? Our lawyers at The Jones Law Firm work tirelessly to ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve and are legally entitled to receive under Mississippi state laws.

We strive to put our clients first and to go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Jones Law Firm is here to help and we look forward to scheduling your complimentary initial case review. We are confident you will be highly impressed with the great reputation we have built within the greater Jackson, Mississippi area.


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