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Mississippi Car Wreck What to Do When Injured

You vs. You – How insurance companies use your own words against you

Insurance companies use all sorts of tricks to try and minimize a claim or to put you at fault in a wreck. This is especially true of the other driver’s insurance in a car wreck. They will try to exploit any detail of a police report or statement to make the case that you were at fault rather than their insured.  

You might not have said anything indicating you were at fault to the police or anyone else at the wreck. (See our article here as to why giving a statement at all can be a bad idea)  But even small phrases can be used against you, such as: “it came out of nowhere,” “I was listening to the radio and the next thing I knew., or “I couldn’t avoid them.” These statements might seem innocent, but an insurance company will attempt to poke and prod and try to use any little bit of these expressions to argue for negligence on your part and to document their file that you are at fault. 

Of course, when their own client gives a statement, they only ask softball questions of that driver. They ask questions to provide ammunition so that their report can put their driver only in a positive light. At the wreck, the other driver might even admit fault to you and say his insurance will cover it, only to then talk to their insurance and have them blame you for the entirety of the wreck.

Remember, the adjuster wants to save money and document that the wreck is your fault, and they will use anything they can get to make that the case. This is why, especially early on, you need to get an attorney involved.

See how our attorney Baskin Jones talks about the tricks of the insurance trade here:

Have you been injured or know someone who has? Our lawyers at The Jones Law Firm work tirelessly to ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve and are legally entitled to receive under Mississippi state laws. 

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