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What are damages in a claim?

If you get in a collision, especially one in which bodily injury occurs, you probably know that there is more than just vehicle repairs that you are entitled to. Often, after a wreck people underestimate the extent of their claim. Insurance policies are confusing, and you probably feel pressure not to make a claim against your policy if you can help it. Unfortunately, the insurance companies benefit in this situation, while you are left without. Insurance companies profit when claims are minimized. They often overlook coverages that would apply to you even when you do go make a claim. 

At the Jones Law Firm, we give you peace of mind about what your insurance covers and include the available damages in each claim. Damages can be seen as all the different ways a wreck has affected a life: from bodily injury, to lost work, to even pain and suffering. Each claim has individual considerations on what should be included as damages.

Damages include related medical bills.  Regardless of whether you have good or bad health insurance, no claim would call treatment on the day of the wreck or the day after unrelated. You should be checked out, and often those in a wreck wake up the next day feeling even worse. Any injury or loss which occurred as a result of the wreck should be considered as part of related damages. Because of this, it is very important to keep a copy of every bill that you have received from a hospital or clinic.  

Damages can include your lost wages. If you’ve had to miss work because of an injury or lack of transportation, you could be reimbursed  as a part of your overall claim for damages for that time. If a doctor thinks you need to take a break from work because of the wreck, this time off will likely be included as lost wages. This is another “damage” from the wreck. Of course, getting documentation from your employer about the time that you missed and your doctor’s note are very important to this process. 

Finally, damages also include pain and suffering. That’s emotional distress. Being in a wreck can be traumatic, and if you do not feel well mentally, please visit a therapist or psychologist. This is considered in damages, and documentation can be collected and included in your claim.

This is not a final list by any means. One of the many reasons you’ll want a lawyer to look at your claim is for an assessment of what damages have occurred. This process can be tedious if you are dealing directly with an adjuster. You have to be very descriptive in the claims process, as well as making sure that you have all the records and documentation for your claim. Let us help. Call us today.

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