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When the police report is WRONG. How to handle a misleading claim

We hear from people every day who have been hurt in car wrecks, and sometimes the wreck report from the officer doesn’t accurately reflect the events. This might not even be the officer’s fault. It could have been pouring down rain or the wreck could have happened in a busy intersection where they were trying to direct traffic as well. Any wreck is startling, and it can be hard for all parties involved to ensure accuracy and detailed reporting immediately after a wreck.

Debating an officer’s report of a wreck can be intimidating, but it is not the law, and there are things you can do if you feel misrepresented or that the report is incorrect. 

For starters, we have to verify how accurate the wreck report is. Perhaps the officer did not even hear your side of the story, or maybe the officer barely interviewed you while they wrote down everything the other driver said. In some cases, there might even be some prejudice involved. Maybe other factors such as the weather, the time of day, or even physical or emotional damage prevented an accurate accounting of the situation. We will do the due diligence to find out how accurate the wreck report was handled. 

Next, we will interview the eyewitnesses of the wreck. We will follow up with them, and we will make sure we have several verifiable accounts in order to present the most truthful telling of events.  

Finally, we will research the vehicles and the surrounding area. We will take photos. Were there other factors at play that the officer might not have noticed? Was there negligence on the part of the other driver? We will document all of it so we have a clear picture of what happened.

With eyewitness testimony, photos of the vehicles, photos of the scene of the wreck, and more, we have a much stronger case and sources of evidence than a wreck report does after the fact. 

This is a great deal of work, which is why you will want to hire an attorney for your wreck. Wrecks can be disorienting, but we can help; in fact, we help folks in situations like this every day. Don’t worry, just call. For more information, see our youtube channel: 


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