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What to Do When Injured

Why insurance companies take so long to recognize and pay your claim

You’ve filed your claim. You’ve taken photos of the accident. You’ve received treatment from a doctor and documented everything. So why is your insurance taking so long to pay your claim?

It’s easy to think that an insurance company will slowly start paying off your bills and that money will start trickling in. In reality, an insurance company has an adjuster to try and lower your claim as much as possible, and they will typically use one of two strategies:

Quick, LowBall Offer: They know your accident is complicated and could cost them more money than you realize. They also know you have bills to pay. So they present a quick offer that seemingly covers the bases but doesn’t actually explore what happened in the wreck. They don’t fully assess your benefits, and unfortunately, are not obligated to full utilize everything your plan provides. They are hoping you will settle for their initial offer and be done with it.

Wait you out: Car repairs are expensive. Medical bills are even more expensive. While you are having to pay bills, wait for medical exams to come back, and document everything after the wreck, the insurance company is waiting as long as possible, hoping you will forget something or miss important parts of your coverage. Documenting and claiming every aspect of your coverage takes work and time, and they are hoping you will eventually just give up or simply miss certain aspects of your plan in order to get the claims process started.

At Jones Law Firm, we start researching day 1 on your coverage and plans to ensure we have the best and most accurate claim. We also investigate the wreck, consider all the factors, and develop an accurate telling of the incident so it is clear for everyone involved. Finally, we demand that the insurance company take action so that you are given the best outcome for your situation.

Claims can be confusing, but they don’t have to be. Call us for a free consultation: 601.272.2406

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Have you been injured or know someone who has? Our lawyers at The Jones Law Firm work to help you get the financial compensation you need under Mississippi state laws. 

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The Jones Law Firm is here to help and we look forward to scheduling your complimentary initial case review. We are confident you will be highly impressed with the great reputation we have built within the greater Mississippi area.


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