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Finance Fraud

Finance Fraud Finance Fraud involves lending institutions which typically target the most vulnerable people in society. These lenders are commonly referred to as “Predatory Lenders” and target minorities, the economically disadvantaged and the uneducated in an effort to realize huge profits. These lenders charge the borrowers higher rates of interest, require credit insurance products, require […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Types of Mississippi Personal Injury
Brain Injury Lawyer Jackson, MS

Brain Injury in Jackson, MS – Concussion, TBI, Brain Bleeds

By the time a person has fully developed their brain consists of 99,000,000 nerve cells working together to allow their body to act, think, feel and even conduct involuntary action. For such a vitally important part of the body it may seem surprising that the brain is soft and fairly easy to brain injury with […]

Damages Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured
wrongfully imprisoned

False Imprisonment Claims

False Imprisonment Early in the history of the United States jurisprudence several cases (False Imprisonment) clarified what has become well established in our country. Ensuring that individuals were not imprisoned without a hearing and ensuring that officials could produce a prisoner in response to Court order (Writ of habeous corpus).   If a company or individual […]

Mississippi Wrongful Death Traumatic Brain Injury Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured

Mississippi Free Consultation Attorney

If you have a legal issue anywhere in Mississippi a free consultation with an attorney can help you to learn your rights and see what can be done to protect them. Our offices offer free consultations with a Mississippi Attorney. Here are the top three reasons you should contact an attorney today. 1. Insurance Claims […]

Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured

Mass Tort Drug Litigation

Drug companies produce and  market new prescription medications each year. Each of the products has to be tested and should be tested enough to ensure that these drugs do not injure the consumer and that each drug bears proper warning. Even with these safeguards by the Food and Drug Administration over 200,000 people die each years while using […]