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Damages Mississippi Car Wreck Traumatic Brain Injury What to Do When Injured

Can I sue someone over emotional distress?

Yes and No You’ve probably seen people on TV or in movies claim they are going to sue someone for emotional distress after an incident or argument. Sometimes lawyers are even belittled for considering mental issues associated with a wreck or accident. But can you sue someone for solely emotional distress or mental harm? Like […]

Damages Mississippi Car Wreck Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured

What people FORGET to claim after a car wreck

Quick Guide to securing key claims after a car crash Even small car wrecks can be traumatic, disorienting, and painful. You would think an insurance company would go out of its way to make sure you are fully covered and try to make you feel at ease. Unfortunately, insurance companies are typically the opposite: greedy, […]

Damages Mississippi Car Wreck What to Do When Injured
too little to eat; meager; paltry

Low Insurance Settlement Offer

So You Have a Low Insurance Settlement Offer Insurance companies settle hundreds of car wreck injury claims within the first weeks after the injury. Low insurance settlement offers are made as a matter of course by insurance adjusters for one simple reason. People often take them.  Insurance adjusters are trained to make these offers because […]

Damages Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured
Wrong pills

Wrong Prescription Medication

When someone is given a wrong prescription medication serious injury or death can occur. Substances controlled by prescription are controlled for a reason, receiving the wrong dosage or wrong medication can have terrible consequences. For example, doubling a dosage of an anti-seizure medication or medications for bi-polar disorder can cause neurological distress, and other very […]

Damages Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured
wrongfully imprisoned

False Imprisonment Claims

False Imprisonment Early in the history of the United States jurisprudence several cases (False Imprisonment) clarified what has become well established in our country. Ensuring that individuals were not imprisoned without a hearing and ensuring that officials could produce a prisoner in response to Court order (Writ of habeous corpus).   If a company or individual […]

Damages Types of Mississippi Personal Injury Uncategorized

Product Liability / Hazardous Products

Often in our world there are situations where products and medications reach the market without an appropriate amount of testing. When these products injure those who use them or take the medication there may be a claim against the manufacturer, source or retailer of a product for any damages caused by the defective product. These […]

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