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Damages Types of Mississippi Personal Injury Worker's Compensation

Mississippi Workers Compensation Claims

The average American works 40 hours per week. This amounts to around 25% of the week that will be spent outside of the home. The law provides certain protections for individuals who are injured on the job. These protections are generally broken into two categories in Mississippi. One set of protections involves Mississippi workers compensation […]

Mississippi Wrongful Death Traumatic Brain Injury Types of Mississippi Personal Injury

Dangerous Distracted Driving: Cell Phones and Wrecks

Distracted Driving Background In 2009 a teen was killed by a distracted driver while lawfully crossing the street in a designated crosswalk. Following the incident family and friends created “EndDD.org” a resource to spread awareness of how widespread the issue of driving while distracted really is.distracted driving. The causes of distracted driving and those that […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured
Mississippi concussion

Questions for a Concussion, Brain Injury Attorney and Stroke

Over the years our firm has represented numerous individuals who have experienced some sort of brain injury. Our research and experience as brain injury attorneys in these cases when compiled may be of use to the public in a more general manner. Knowing the signs and symptoms of strokes, concussions, brain bleeds and other brain […]

Slip and Fall Lawyer Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured
Stair Accident Lawyer Jackson, MS

Dangerous Staircase at Hotel – Letter from a Concerned Citizen

Stair Accident Lawyer Jackson, MS: Injuries are sometimes caused by conditions in public places, or owned by private companies. While traveling recently I came upon a dangerous staircase at a hotel. The concrete of the top stair of this staircase was deteriorated and I tripped as I left the building,dangerous staircase at hotel. Sometimes in situations […]

Damages Mississippi Wrongful Death Types of Mississippi Personal Injury What to Do When Injured

Company Car Policy Mississippi – Insurance Attorneys

Insurance policies on company cars in Mississippi are a hot topic that many people ask questions about.  There are several topics that fall under “company car policy Mississippi” and we will take the time here to discuss each of them including: Mississippi Company Car Uninsured Motorist Insurance Policy Mississippi Company Car Liability Policy  Company Car […]

Damages Types of Mississippi Personal Injury

Medical Device Settlements and Medical Implants

Some hip and knee joint implants have been found to contain mistakes which effect the lifespan of the joint lifespan and require surgery to be done again sooner than expected. The need for early replacement of this type of implant is all too common. Many different providers have had issues with their products, medical implants and . Litigation […]

Mississippi Wrongful Death Types of Mississippi Personal Injury

Parking Lot Security – Robberies, Attacks, Hold-ups

  There have been many situations in Mississippi where business owners have failed to provide safe areas on or around their property. Business owners owe a duty to the public to maintain a safe, well lit, areas in and around their places of business so customers, shoppers and employees can come and go in safety. […]