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How Much Should I Expect My Insurance Company to Pay Me For My Car Accident?

Car accidents pose risks to the driver, the pedestrians, other drives, as well as to your vehicle. Aside from that, it can also pose damages to your car insurance company. Car drivers involved in pricey property damage or at-fault bodily injury are expected to increase their insurance car rates by about 34 percent.

A lot of ways can be used to decrease the damage to your car insurance when a car accident happens. The good thing is that other car insurance companies provide programs that will forgive accidents. Through this program, there will only have a little increase in your car insurance rates.

How Much Does Car Insurance Companies Pay from a Car Accident?

Most car drivers who get involved in a car accident usually ask about how much does their car insurance provider will pay them for a car accident settlement. Well, the answer to this question will depend on different factors.

In most cases, we cannot give you an exact or approximate amount about the possible amount you can get from your car insurance company for a car accident settlement. This is because we don’t have a standard car settlement.

Take note that every settlement is different. That’s why the amount you can get from your car insurance company will depend on the impacts and experiences you have experienced because of the accident you get involved in.

The Chances of Settlement

In Mississippi, there are more than 400,000 car accidents that happen every year. In connection to that, almost one-third of this number involves bodily-injured drivers and pedestrians. Even though most of those are minor injuries that make the personal injury protection policies of the driver cover the possible lost wages and medical expenses, some of them are serious that cause the injured party to file a lawsuit against the entity or person that trigger the accident.

The good thing is that almost 97 percent of these overall injury cases are settled before the injured party filed a lawsuit. This means that if you were involved in a car accident that made you injured because of other driver’s recklessness and carelessness and you charged them with a serious lawsuit, there is a higher chance that the other party will request for a settlement before the case go into court and assessed by a jury or judge.

Factors that Affect the Amount of Payout You Will Receive

As we mentioned, the amount of payout you will receive depends on different factors, including the following:

  • If you are bodily injured and suffer from further pain after the accident
  • The damages to your car
  • The individuals or properties that are included in the accident

The car insurance company will give you a payment that covers the damage experienced by you and your vehicle.

Your Level of Patience

In most cases, the client who can wait for a long time until the legal process is finished has a higher chance of receiving a high amount of payout. You might be asking why. This is because they know that working in an insurance company requires a lot of time to determine the amount of payout they will receive. This is always true, especially if the other party decided to pursue the case in court. This is also applicable when the case is already sent to the court.


To sum it up, the amount you can get from your car insurance company regarding the accident you are involved in depends on different factors. To know more about it, you may contact the Jones Law Group.