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Allstate Insurance Claims in Mississippi

Allstate Insurance claims in Mississippi

Allstate is one of the biggest and largest publicly held personal insurance companies in the US. Part of Sears, Roebuck & Co, the company was founded in the year 1931 and has grown into one of the most productive insurers in the US, protecting more than 16 million households from life uncertainties. If you encounter issues concerning Allstate Insurance claims in Mississippi, it is highly advisable to contact a reliable lawyer.

What to Do If Allstate Refuses to Cover My Injury Claim?

When Allstate refuses your injury claim, it likely considers it a success if you don’t fight back. Insurers reconsider their stance only if you give new facts, additional proof, or a legal speculation that pressures them to reassess their original conclusion. Legally, an insurer should keep a reserve on their books; however, the adjustor handling your claim simply closes out your active file and waits for the statute of limitations to run. Allstate knows that lots of people decide not to fight back as the issues are complex challenging.

If you are seriously injured and think another person is accountable for the damages, you should not walk away from a denial. You can call a reliable lawyer to assess your case. 

What to Do if Allstate Gives me a Low Ball Offer?

If you get a settlement offer from Allstate for your damages, keep in mind that that is not the only offer you can receive. In almost all cases, Allstate begins with a low ball offer. This is an effort to get you to agree to far less money only to save you time and stress.

Do not get enticed by these techniques. Keep in mind that it costs more money for an insurer to go to trial. They will make many settlement offers to you prior to opting to take your case to court.

Once you get your initial settlement offers, you can bet that it will be worth rejecting. This sets in motion a process that should be handled by a professional injury attorney. This is when you and your lawyer will meet to come up with a demand letter. This is a paper shared with the insurer which takes account of a thorough description of the accident. Also, it includes reasons for why the insurer you’re dealing with is accountable to you.

It doesn’t matter if you have been injured in a bike accident, workplace mishap, or car wreck, getting a low ball offer is part of the insurance carrier’s game. You can call Jones Law Firm for a free Consultation. They can assist you to resolve this matter. 

Do I Need a Lawyer to Deal with Allstate Insurance?

Yes. It is vital to hire a lawyer to deal with Allstate Insurance claims in Mississippi. This assures that you will not get stuck with a low ball offer from the company. It also gives you confidence that you obtain the proper settlement for your claim.