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Geico Insurance Claims in Mississippi

Geico Insurance claims in Mississippi

Suppose you are facing issues with Geico Insurance claims in Mississippi. In that case, it is highly advisable to call a reliable and professional lawyer to help you fight for your right and, at the same time, get the settlement you deserve. Geico is a well-branded insurer in the US. The company offers coverage for over 27 million cars owned by over 16 million policyholders.

What to Do if Geico Refuses to Cover My Injury Claim?

If Geico refuses to cover your injury claim, you can sue them, most particularly if you think that the company has acted in bad faith. Sometimes, you can address these issues, but the assistance of a lawyer can be invaluable before you launch a case. Keep in mind that the insurer is a for-profit business. They don’t want to lose money. Once they see that you’re not going to be delayed by their denials and that you are thinking about taking legal action for their wrongdoing, it might be cheaper for the insurer to settle with you. Geico can avoid paying the costs or expenses involved in a lawsuit like lawyer fees, court expenses, and maybe a higher settlement than anticipated.

Insurers are required by regulation to stand for the terms of their policy and act in good faith. Also, insurance agencies can’t engage in unfair trade methods. If you believe that Geico is engaged in this activity, you should call a lawyer right away. 

What to Do If Geico Gives Me a Low Ball Offer?

Geico might give you a low initial settlement offer, but you do not have to accept it. After an accident, you likely have some up-front payments, so it could be enticing to get the initial offer. In due course, though, bills might upsurge, and you might lose out on more money. The initial settlement from Geico might be insufficient to fully cover all your expenses. Therefore, make sure to call a reliable insurance lawyer to get you the payment amount you deserve. You can call Jones Law Firm for a free consultation. We are always available to help you with all your concerns and issues about Geico insurance claims in Mississippi.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Deal with Geico Insurance?

Yes. Any time you are injured seriously and need to deal with Geico, you should call a reliable insurance lawyer. This is especially true once you receive a low ball offer for a claim and are worried about covering the expenses of your harm. The insurance lawyers at Jones Law Firm are able to know if Geico is acting in bad faith as well as helping you understant your legal choices.