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Liberty Mutual Insurance claims in Mississippi

Liberty Mutual is a diversified global insurance company based in the US and the third biggest property and casualty insurer as well. It is considered one of the biggest corporations in the US based on revenue. In case you face any issue regarding Liberty Mutual Insurance claims in Mississippi, it is advisable to call a Mississippi personal injury lawyer.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Claims in Mississippi

What to do if Liberty Mutual Insurance refuses to cover your injury claim

You can only fight the claim denial if you know why Liberty Mutual Insurance denied your injury claim. If you have an unclear idea as to why they won’t pay your injury claim, you will need more details in the form of writing.

Usually, claim departments send out a letter that states the reasons behind the denial of your claims. In case you didn’t get a letter, you can directly call the representative of the company who rejected your claim and ask for a letter which outlines the decision. The fact that denial letters contain complex terminology and complex legal phrases means that you must ask for assistance from a personal injury lawyer.

What to do if Liberty Mutual Insurance gives me a low ball offer?

If Liberty Mutual Insurance gives you a low ball offer, you can decide that you will go to court. It’s likely that the insurance company will not just accept the counteroffer. Rather, they might return with a similar amount as the initial settlement or a bit higher. A lawyer in Mississippi can help you continue to keep in touch with the insurance provider to negotiate a suitable amount.

If you believe that Liberty Mutual is treating you badly or in a poor manner, you can call Jones Law Firm for a free consultation. Even just a letter by the insurance attorney in Mississippi might be sufficient to convince the insurer that you’re serious about taking action.

Do I need a lawyer to deal with Liberty Mutual Insurance?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if it is a denied medical bill or repairs to a car. Liberty Mutual Insurance is declining to pay out the claim, and you have rights. Liberty Mutual has a responsibility to treat you fairly and assess any possible claims in good faith. If you believe the company is acting in bad faith or treating you wrongly, you might have a bad-faith claim opposed to the company.

If you believe the company is acting wrongly, call Jones Law Firm for a free consultation. We can assist you in understanding what’s going on and can guide you in the appeal procedure. While you can work in the appeal process with Liberty Mutual Insurance with no legal counsel, you might gain from having a lawyer who knows the whole process to develop a strong case against the insurer. The appeal process is daunting and time-consuming; therefore, a lawyer in Mississippi can be most effective. Jones Law Firm has lawyers with many years of experience in this kind of case, so you are assured of getting the desired compensation.