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Nationwide Insurance claims in Mississippi

Nationwide is one of the strongest and largest expanded insurance and financial services based in Columbus, Ohio with branches in various states, including Mississippi. If you are one of their clients and experience a car accident and want to know more about Nationwide Insurance claims in Mississippi, keep reading. 

Nationwide Insurance Claims in Mississippi

What to do if Nationwide Insurance refuses to cover my injury claim?

Each insurance contract in Mississippi has entailed a covenant of fair dealing and good faith, implied by the ruling. This responsibility essentially means that Nationwide stands in a fiduciary relationship with a policyholder and should promptly assess an injury claim and search for a ground to pay the injury claim instead of searching for the basis to reject coverage. 

If Nationwide rejects a claim, there may be a legitimate problem with the coverage. On the other hand, Nationwide often has its own ways of reading the policy terms they write. The regulation provides that insurance policies should be written in plain English. Once they are vague or unclear, the court will take them in favor of you, the insured. Once you think your injury claim has been wrongly rejected or denied, Nationwide might be acting in bad faith. You must seek advice from a legal team if your injury claim was dismissed. You can call Jones Law Firm for a free consultation. 

What to Do if Nationwide Insurance gives me a low ball offer?

With big insurance companies like Nationwide, the process of claiming the insurance coverage is done over the phone or via a mobile app or website. In just a few minutes, you can report an auto accident. You will get a confirmation immediately, and a claim auditor or inspector will contact you to give details about the next steps. 

Usually, the injury claim adjuster is personable and kind to you. However, they will want to get the process over and done as fast as possible, and since you are most likely in a stressful condition, they are banking on the fact you would not know you are being provided a low settlement offer. 

Don’t worry if Nationwide is giving you a low offer, you can counter with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Mississippi. We know how big insurance agencies like Nationwide operate, meaning we can assists you in getting the compensation you deserve each time. Call Jones Law Firm for a free consultation today.

Do I Need A Lawyer to Deal with Nationwide?

Suppose you’ve been rejected the protections and benefits you are entitled to by Nationwide. In that case, the legal team can file a lawsuit for bad faith that might not just allow you to the benefits assured or definite under the policy but also to correct damages and injuries for Nationwide’s unfair as well as unethical conduct. 

You can call The Jones Law Group for a free consultation. The company will offer a straightforward appraisal and evaluation of your right as well as work industriously to hold Nationwide accountable for its negative response or denial to live up to its part of the bargain. They offer free initial assessment so that they can assess the claim, so call now.