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Progressive Insurance claims in Mississippi

Progressive Insurance is among the most popular and renowned insurance companies in the US. Progressive Insurance is a reliable insurance agency that provides a wide selection of diverse types of insurance such as marine, motorcycle, segway, home, life, RV, and a whole lot more. The company focuses on car insurance. Keep on reading for more information about Progressive Insurance claims in Mississippi.

Progressive Insurance Claims in Mississippi

What to Do If Progressive Insurance Refuses to Cover Your Injury Claim

If your injury claim is denied by Progressive Insurance, you will most likely need to get the service of a personal injury lawyer. Keep in mind that insurers gain when they take in extra cash in premiums compared to when they compensate the claims. On the other hand, a lawyer’s claim will normally carry more weight and will be taken seriously by the insurance provider.

Your lawyer will make a demand notice that is a formal claim for payment that details your side of the story, the amount of damages, and bodily injuries sustained in the accident. The insurance provider will most likely feel compelled to give a particular reason why the claim was denied.

If you and your attorney suspect that the insurance provider engaged in improper claims practices forbidden by the law, an extra claim on those grounds might get their attention in a demand letter. Mississippi statutes lists many acts banned as improper claims practice. You can call Jones Law Firm for more information on bad faith claims. 

What to Do if Progressive Insurance Gives me a Low Ball Offer?

Progressive Insurance owes you specific duties because you were paying its premiums. Amongst these duties are acting in good faith and dealing fairly. For instance, if you are involved in a car accident or your property is damaged, Progressive Insurance has a responsibility to assess the extent of the damage and present a good faith offer to settle the claim. If the company makes an offer that is significantly lower than that, it might be failing in its duty to you. In this case, you might need a legal claim for insurance bad faith. An injury lawyer will assess the circumstances, assess the policy, and present the best technique for getting fair value for the claim. This can include a discussion with the insurer or filing a case against it.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Deal with Progressive Insurance?

Yes. You need a reliable and professional personal injury lawyer to deal with Progressive Insurance. You can call Jones Law Firm for a free consultation to know how they can help you with your Progressive Insurance claims in Mississippi.