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Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Cleveland, MS

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Cleveland, MS: Bicycles may seem like an innocent and easy way to get from one point to another but across Mississippi, they have been fingered as a major cause of accidents. If you sustain injuries or losses after being hit by a bicycle rider, State laws give you a right to seek monetary compensation from the offending party. This post will provide a simple guide to bicycle accident laws under Mississippi laws.

What Should You Do After Being Involved In a Bicycle Accident?

Bicycle riders are not usually afforded the physical protection that car owners get when within their vehicles. As such, the probability of getting debilitating injuries after a bicycle accident are higher. To ascertain that you are in good health and have not sustained life-threatening injuries after an accident, ensure that you seek medical assistance without delay.

Though it is not necessary to call the police after a bicycle accident in Mississippi, the law mandates that you must call the authorities if your accident results in damages that exceeds $500. If you are involved in a bicycle collision and think that you may file a claim in the future, ensure that you call 911 so that the authorities can record the scene of the accident and generate a report on the occurrences at the accident scene.

You should also ensure that you inform your insurer about the bicycle accident as soon as possible. If you delay too much in calling your insurance company, you may end up running into problems when you eventually decide to pursue compensation for damage to your property.

It is also worth noting that Mississippi has a three-year statute of limitations when it comes to filing bicycle accident compensation claims. The clock on the statute of limitations usually starts ticking from the date of the accident. If your bicycle accident results into a wrongful death, you also have a time limitation of three years within which to file your claim. However, the clock of time limitation for wrongful death claims for bicycle accidents usually starts ticking from the time that a person dies and not the date of the accident.