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Slip & Fall Lawyer in Cleveland, MS

Slip & Fall Lawyer in Cleveland, MS: Slip and fall injuries can occur when you slip and fall on the property of an individual or enterprise. These injures occur when the owner of the property has been negligent in maintaining it and this has led to unsafe conditions that have led to the fall. In such cases you can make a personal injury claim against the property owner and be compensated.

Such claims are best made through slip and fall lawyers who specialize in this and will ensure that you get fully compensated and will also ask for the cause of the injuries to be estimated. Every state, including Mississippi, has its own laws for such claims, and the lawyer needs to be well versed in them.

Under Mississippi law, claims are viable if the falls have happened under dangerous conditions that are in the knowledge of the property owner or occupier and he or she has failed to warn people about this dangerous condition, and not taken any measures to protect them from it.

Dangerous conditions can come from static conditions that exist at all times on the property, like potholes, cracked pavements, dimly lit stairways, and broken floorboards, among others. The other type of dangerous condition comes from the introduction of foreign substances like water, ice, liquids, wax, oils, or others that can cause the existing conditions to turn dangerous.

Many of these conditions are temporary, like a wet floor, and it is important for an injured person to record the dangerous condition, or take note of any surveillance camera in the region that will have recorded the incident and to do this before they approach any slip and fall lawyers. These lawyers are skilled negotiators and will not find it difficult to deal with the lawyers of insurance companies that often represent the property owners who are accused of negligence.