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Workers Compensation Lawyer in Richland, MS

What To Do If You Have been Injured On The Job In Richland, MS

Your job is not only a source of fulfillment in life, it is also your primary source of income and sustainability. For many people, the loss of income could be detrimental to their lives.

However, for many people this fear becomes a reality when they are injured on the job. Within seconds, their life becomes a whirlwind of fear and stress. For many people, their first conceorns are whether they are covered for their injuries.

Who Is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation In Mississippi?

Almost everyone who is working in the state of Mississippi is going to be covered by Workers’ Compensation. However, that does not mean everyone, and that is the main fear among people. If you work for a company that employs more than five individuals, you will be covered. However, for companies employing less than that, it is not required by law. It will be up to the specific employer as to whether they cover their employees. Additionally, independent contractors, domestic workers, farm laborers, and non-profit employees will not be covered.

What Injuries Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation In Mississippi?

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation will cover any accident or injury if it occurred through the course of employment. It could be something as mundane as tripping over an unsecured extension cord to something as serious as a dismemberment through the use of a power tool. Additionally, work related deaths will also be covered through Mississippi Workers’ Compensation.

While it may seem obvious as to what type of injury was work related, there are some instances which are not so evident. Individuals may be injured on the job, but there is no pain or physical sign of an injury until days later. In these situations, it may be much more difficult to file and win a claim. It is for these matters that you will want to have a dedicated Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Richland, MS working with you.