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Truck Accident Lawyer in Vicksburg, MS

Truck Accident Lawyer in Vicksburg, MS: With major highways in the United States passing through Mississippi, it should not come as a surprise that there are many people who get injured as a result of truck accidents. Sadly many people who get injured in truck accidents do not know that they have a right to seek compensation for their losses and injuries even if they were partly to blame for the accident.

Under Mississippi State law, you can file a truck accident compensation claim and get indemnified for all the damages you sustained as a result of the accident as long as you file the claim within 3 years from the date of the accident. Given that prepping a Mississippi truck accident claim can take a lot of time, it is advisable that you hire a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. Hiring an attorney early will give your legal representative sufficient time to gather evidence, prepare a formidable claim and follow the right legal channels to get you sufficiently compensated.

If you are planning on filing a Mississippi truck accident claim, you should remember that the State uses the law of comparative negligence when deciding how much compensation you should receive. This means that when deciding your overall compensation, your fault level in causing the accident in question will be considered. If you sustained damages worth $12,000 but you had 10% fault for causing the accident, you will only receive 90% of the total damages due to you. In the case above, you will only receive $11,000 damages with the other $1,000 catering for your level of fault.

If you are looking to give your Mississippi truck accident lawyer the best chance of getting you the highest level of compensation possible, there are several things you should do immediately after your accident. They include:

• Calling the police
• Getting yourself thoroughly examined by a doctor
• Keeping a record of your medical examination/treatment details
• Taking videos/photos of the accident scene
• Collecting contact details of witnesses to the accident
• Informing your insurer of the accident
• Avoiding talking to insurance adjusters unless your lawyer is present
• Calling your lawyer without delay