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Head On Collision Lawyer in Mississippi

Experienced Head-On Collision Lawyer In Mississippi

What Is A Head-On Collision

A head-on collision, also known as a frontal crash, is a vehicular accident whereby cars driving in the opposite direction collide front-to-front. In most cases, the leading cause of the head-on collision is one driver using the wrong side of the road. Other causes of head-on collisions range from drunk driving to mechanical problems of the vehicle.

While every type of vehicular accident can cause serious injuries, and in severe cases, fatalities, statistics indicate that frontal crashes are extremely dangerous. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, frontal collisions had a fatality rate of 58% for car occupants involved in head-on collisions in 2017.

Even in the case of no fatalities, head-on collisions are known to cause severe injuries such as:

The effects of a head-on collision paint a grim picture for anyone involved in such an accident.

Who Is At Fault In A Head-On Collision?

Establishing the fault in a head-on collision is not as straightforward as you might think. The collision’s impact can scatter the vehicles in all sorts of directions. This makes it hard to know the cars’ exact position right before the crash and the car collision sequence. In case it is not apparent who caused the collision, your head-on collision lawyer might hire an accident reconstruction specialist or engineer to help determine the chronology of the accident.

How Do I Get Compensated If I Have Been In A Head-On Collision?

As is the case with other car accidents, the best way to get compensated for medical expenses and property losses to hire an experienced car accident lawyer. As mentioned above, establishing fault in head-on collisions might be difficult. Having an experienced lawyer take the lead in seeking compensation will ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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