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Rear End Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

Rear-End Accident Lawyer Mississippi At Your Service

What Is A Rear-End Accident?

As the name implies, rear-end accidents are vehicular collisions involving one car crashing into the rear of the vehicle in front. Rear-end crashes are pretty common. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that rear-end collisions are the most common type of collision, accounting for almost a third of all road accidents in the U.S. As is the case with other accidents, rear-end crashes can cause severe injuries, including:

The common causes of rear-end crashes include:

– Distracted driving
– Aggressive driving
– Drunk driving
– Drowsy driving

However, in some cases, the crash can be caused by natural phenomena.


What information should drivers gather at the scene of a wreck?


To successfully handle a lawsuit or defend against one initiated by another driver, it is essential for drivers to maintain a diligent record of several key aspects related to the accident. These include tracking expenses tied to the incident, such as medical bills, auto repair costs, and any loss of income suffered as a direct result. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to engage legal representation. In the event that one is seeking to file a lawsuit against the other driver, it is advisable to retain an attorney for guidance and representation throughout the legal process. Conversely, if the other driver decides to take legal action against you, your insurance provider typically offers legal counsel to handle the case. By keeping detailed records of expenses and securing legal support when required, drivers can navigate the complexities of such situations more effectively.


What evidence would be useful to gather after a wreck?


To document evidence at the scene of an accident, drivers should collect names and addresses of witnesses, including passengers in either vehicle. If police arrive at the scene, it is important to obtain their names and badge numbers. Additionally, using a camera or video camera to capture images of the damaged vehicles, skid marks, and any other evidence present is crucial for documenting the scene of the accident effectively.


What should I do in a car wreck if there is a witness?


In the event of an accident where witnesses are present, drivers should make sure to gather the names and addresses of these witnesses, including any passengers who were in either vehicle involved in the accident.


What information should I exchange with the other driver?


In the event of an accident involving another driver, it is important to exchange the following information: name, address, license number, car tag number, vehicle registration, and insurance details with the other driver. This information exchange allows for proper documentation and helps in resolving any issues that may arise from the accident. Additionally, it is crucial to contact the police and emergency medical services promptly if injuries occur, and to move the vehicles off the road to prevent obstructions and further accidents.


Am I going to be sued after a car wreck? What should I do?


To protect themselves legally in the event of a lawsuit related to an accident, drivers should follow certain steps. First, they should thoroughly document the accident by taking photos, exchanging contact information with the other driver, and obtaining witness statements. It is recommended to notify the police and file a written report, as this can help in the legal proceedings.

In the case of a lawsuit, it may be advisable to hire an attorney to navigate the legal complexities. If the other driver files a lawsuit, your insurance company will typically provide legal representation. In the event that you decide to sue the other driver, it is crucial to keep detailed records of all expenses incurred due to the accident, such as medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and any lost income.

By following these steps and keeping accurate records, drivers can protect themselves legally and efficiently handle any potential lawsuits arising from the accident.


Can anything happen to me if I don’t file an incident report?


In Mississippi, failing to file an accident report within the stipulated 10-day period when someone is injured, or the property damage surpasses $250, can lead to serious repercussions. This failure to report is considered a misdemeanor and may result in the suspension of the individual’s driver’s license. Moreover, providing falsified information in the report is illegal and may lead to further consequences. It is essential to comply with the reporting requirements set out by the law to avoid facing legal penalties and protect one’s driving privileges.


What am I required to do after a car wreck in Mississippi?


When drivers are involved in automobile accidents, they have legal responsibilities they must fulfill. These include contacting the police and emergency medical services immediately in cases where injuries have occurred. It is also important to exchange important information such as names, addresses, license and car tag numbers with the other driver. Proof of vehicle registration and insurance should be provided to the other driver and the police. Additionally, if there are witnesses to the accident, their names and addresses should be obtained. If the police are present at the scene, it is crucial to note their names and badge numbers. Taking photographs of the damaged vehicles and any other evidence using a camera or video camera is recommended. In the case of minor accidents, the law may not require the police to be called to the scene, but a written report is often necessary, either by the police or the drivers involved. By following these legal responsibilities, drivers can ensure that they fulfill their obligations in the event of an automobile accident.

Who Is At Fault In A Rear-End Accident?

In many cases, the driver that crashes into another is usually at fault. That being said, in Mississippi, we use the Mississippi Code Section 11-7-15 to establish the guilty individual and assert the right of the claimant to receive compensation. By showing that the individual at fault had a duty to drive safely, breached the duty, and caused damages, the claimant can receive compensation for damages, including injuries and property losses.

How Do I Get Compensated If I Have Been In a Rear End Accident?

Asserting your rights to compensation can be a tall order if you do not have the right legal representation. Keep in mind that the insurance company covering the driver at fault is hell-bent on reducing the pay-out they make. After all, their main concern is their bottom line. As such, you should entrust your case to experienced attorneys whose primary goal is to maximize your compensation and to ensure you receive proper medical coverage.

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