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Side-Impact Collision Lawyer in Mississippi

Side-Impact Collision Lawyer in Mississippi You Can Trust

What Is A Side-Impact Collision

Also known as broadside or T-bone crashes, side-impact collisions are vehicular accidents characterized by one vehicle hitting the side of another vehicle. The angle of the impact can be perpendicular or at an angle.

The crumple zone along the side of the vehicle tends to be small. Moreover, many cars are not equipped with side-impact airbags. Consequently, while every type of accident has the potential of causing severe injuries, side-impact collisions are known for causing devastating injuries or fatalities. They usually occur at intersections where vehicles are turning across multiple lanes.

With the lack of standardized safety gear installed on the side, side-impact collision tends to cause grave damage. Consequently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that in 2018 side-impact crashes caused about 28% of all fatalities in America. Additionally, this type of accident is known to cause injuries such as:

Who Is At Fault In A Side-Impact Collision?

As mentioned above, side-impact collisions usually occur at intersections. In almost all cases, this type of accident is caused by a driver not following the road rules. For instance, a driver is culpable when they make an improver left turn, run a red light, or simply misjudge the available space to cross the intersection. Depending on the circumstances, the driver at fault might be the broadsiding driver or the driver who has been rammed into.

How Do I Get Compensated If I Have Been In A Side-Impact Collision?

Aside from damage and/or loss of property (your vehicle), side-impact collisions have the potential to cause bodily harm. With this in mind, victims of this type of accident should seek compensation. Given the complexity of such accidents, accident victims in Mississippi should seek professional help from experienced accident attorneys . Contact a lawyer at Jones Law Firm for a free consultation.