Personal Injury

Injury to the body can complicate life to no end, or even end life. Our firm exists to help guide and counsel those who have been injured by providing a free consultation from a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney concerning your injuries and how to make things right. When this injury is someone else’s fault payment of a claim by an insurance company is often an option. The amount is determined by the injuries and the coverage provided by any insurance policy. Contact our firm now for a free consultation, peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.
Attorney Baskin Jones is a lifelong Mississippi resident who was born in Jackson, Mississippi. He spent his early life in the Mississippi Delta. The effects of corporate negligence and greed were easy to see in the condition of corporate facilities and injuries to workers in local factories. This inequality left a lasting mark on Mr. Jones and today he works to safeguard Mississippians from corporate injustice and insurance companies. Mr. Jones calls Jackson home, and has no plans of that changing. Mr. Jones has a specific desire to bring about revitalization Jackson area. Part of this desire is be met in providing exceptional legal service to the citizens of the Greater Jackson Area as a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney.

Baskin Jones

Managing Attorney